Webster’s Worst Wednesday

Webster swam from one end of the bathtub to the other, quacking quietly to himself. “Oh, isn’t this a great way to spend a Wednesday? No one is around to bother me. And I can splash as much as I like,”

All of a sudden, he heard a strange noise at the window. Someone climbed up to his windowsill. “Who’s out there?” yelled the frightened Webster.

“It’s just me, Fuzzy Bear, and my twin brother Wuzzy.”

“But why are you trying to climb into my window?” Webster asked.

“You sounded like you were having so much fun, we decided to join you.”

“But you can’t swim in my bathtub!” Webster protested.

“Why not?” Wuzzy asked.

“Besides,” Fuzzy said, “we could use a good bath. We’ve been playing in the mud all morning.” They scrambled down and started refilling the tub with fresh water.

“Where’s your bubble bath?” Fuzzy asked.

“You can’t use my bubble bath!”

“Well, just watch us,” Wuzzy said, as he squirted the whole bottle of it into the tub. They squealed with delight as the bubbles overflowed and spilled out onto the floor. Then both Fuzzy and Wuzzy jumped into the tub at the same time, splattering bubbles in every direction.

“Look what you’ve done,” Webster wailed. “How will I ever get this mess cleaned up?”

Next Fuzzy and Wuzzy started pouring Webster’s shampoo all over each other.

“You can’t use my shampoo!”

“But how else can we get clean?” Fuzzy asked.

“Yes, and it makes us smell good, too,” Wuzzy said.

After a long time the little bears got out of the tub and started drying off on Webster’s towel.

“You can’t use my towel. You’ll get it all wet!”

“How else can we get our fur dry?” Wuzzy asked.

“Do you have a hair dryer?” Fuzzy asked.

“Yes, but you can’t use it!” Webster said.

But Fuzzy took it out of its drawer and started drying Wuzzy’s fur. When Wuzzy was all fluffy and dry he dried Fuzzy’s fur. Soon they looked like two brown fluff balls.

Next Wuzzy grabbed Webster’s toothbrush and started to brush his teeth.

“You can’t use my toothbrush! You’ll get germs on it!”

“You don’t need a toothbrush,” Fuzzy said.

“Yes, you don’t even have any teeth, you silly duck,” Wuzzy said.

“Please get out of here. I’ve had enough of this!”

Finally, Fuzzy and Wuzzy stepped up on the edge of the tub, clambered back out the window, and scampered away.

“Good, they’re finally gone,” Webster said. He emptied the muddy water out of the tub, threw away the empty bubble bath bottle, and closed the shampoo lid. He hung up his sopping wet towel and put away the hair dryer. It took him a long time to get all the mess wiped up.

Then he put clean water in the tub and added some of his favorite toys. Before he got back into the tub he reached up and locked the window so no one else could sneak in. “That was the worst Wednesday I’ve ever had,” Webster said. “But tomorrow is Thursday, and Thursdays are always good!”

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