Grandparenting Isn’t for Wimps

If you haven’t kept the grandkids for a full week or more, you have no idea how many knots you will need to tie in the end of your rope.

1. What if they’re not used to eating your food? Do you find something they will eat, or let them go hungry?

2. If they don’t want to put on their pajamas or brush their teeth before bedtime, what would you resort to? OK, sleep in your clothes and let your teeth rot!

3. If they want to go to the beach, how much stuff do you take along? Worse yet, how much will you allow them to bring back? (Not counting all that sand on their feet.)

4. If you only have bunk beds, who sleeps on the top bunk? Ever heard of taking turns, kids?

5. If they can’t fall asleep right away, how long would you let them play on their iPad?

6. If they don’t want a bath and hair wash, how many days would you allow that?

See what I’m saying? Grandparenthood isn’t for wimps!

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