Oma’s Sewing Camp

At Oma’s Sewing Camp in the summer of 2010, I taught several grandchildren to sew their own pajama bottoms. The oldest was 14 and the youngest was 6.

The older girls cut out their own pajamas and sewed them together with limited help. For the younger ones, I held the material, and they pushed the foot control. Believe me–that can be dangerous! A few times I hollered, “When I say, ‘Whoa,’ stop!” (Grandmothers lose their sense of humor when they get stuck with a needle!

As they sewed each seam, I told them to tuck love into them by planting a kiss on them. I said, “The love never washes out, no matter how many times you launder them.”

I also encouraged them to do everything else “tucked with love.” I’ll tell you more about that next time.


Above: Alyssa, Melanie, Ashley, and Vincent in their new PJ bottoms

Below: Owen with a matching shirt I made for the bottoms he sewed

Owen's PJs

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