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Sniffy Goes to the Cottage

On June 23-25, 2015, I went with three of my children’s writing critique group to an isolated cottage in northern Ontario to have fun and write. It became hilarious at times!

While I sat quietly by the lake, two of my friends took my little stuffed mouse Sniffy and posed him in several photos. Then they made it into a story book. Enjoy!

Sniffy Goes to the Cottage

Sniffy Relaxing


Jennifer Mook-Sang

Dianne Matich

Fern Boldt

Cummer Cottage

We arrive at Mr. Cummer’s cottage in the woods.

Sniffy's Cottage

Inside, there’s a little cottage just for me.

King Sniffy

I survey my kingdom and my loyal subjects.


I imagine I’m going to have a wonderful time.

Sniffy's Coffee

Just a half cup, please. I’m quite perky already!

Wendy Eating Sniffy

Naughty human! Don’t eat me!

Wendy Salting

Eek! Don’t you know salt is bad for you?

Sniffy with Flowers

My subjects bring me flowers.

I forgive them for mistaking me for lunch.

Sniffy Counting

Time for a game. I count one… two… three…

Wendy Running

Run, Wendy!

Jennifer Running

Run, Jennifer!

Wendy Under Steps

Ready or not, here I come!

Wendy Hiding

I found one!

Jennifer Caught

I found another one!Jennifer Hiding

Your turn to count, Jennifer!

Sniffy in Grass

My turn to hide. They’ll never find me here.

Sniffy in Chair

Time for a little relaxation on the hickory dickory…

Sniffy Relaxing

. . . dock. Ah!

Fish eating Sniffy

Oh, no! He’s biting my tail!

Sniffy with Wine

Is this for Jennifer?

First Dinner

Say, “cheese.” I hope they don’t eat all of it.

Sniffy Drying

Jennifer hung me upside down to dry.

My stuffing is all going to my head.

Dianne & Sniffy

Thanks for reading me a story, Dianne.

Sniffy Sleeping

Dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures.

The End

The end.