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  1. Hi Mrs. Boldt,

    You donated blood the other day and left a copy of your book Blemished Heart with us to read. I wanted to thank you for thinking of us and let you know I took it home that night and couldn’t put it down. I finished it in less than 24 hours! I probably could have stayed up into the night to finish it but I had to work the next morning. Your story is heartbreakingly touching and I hope it can help many people overcome tragedy like you did. Your courage is beautiful. Thank you again for thinking of us and sharing your book. I love reading! So much better than mindless TV! I will stop taking up too much of your time. I wish you success and the happiness you deserve.

    Danielle McLean

  2. Fern, I grew up in Central City, Nebraska. I remember you, I was a few years younger so didn’t know you well but I remember you very well.
    I was allowed to attend NCHS one year and then was told by more poor, pitiful parents they could not afford for me to continue there! What a difference it would have made in my existence! I use that word because it kind of describes how I feel about those years!! Your story could be mine with a few minor changes! Children of today would never believe what we lived through!! Many children I knew luved with the horror and the pain of that visible strap, including me!!!! I don’t know if I can read the entire book, it is so painful & makes me relive those unpleasant memories! How I know you understand! It’s hard for me to find friends to share my heart with because they can’t comprehend where I’m ‘coming from.’ I’m so happy for you!! God Bless You! I have been blessed with a wonderful life since growing up & leaving Nebraska, it certainly was not ‘the good life’ for me that the state signs say!! I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb city of Tulsa, married for 45 years, had 2 sons & have 4 grandchildren. Would love to hear from you, I’m sure you are very busy but your early life very much was a parallel of mine and I do remember you!

  3. Fern, I read Blemished Heart with great interest. In high school I did not know what your life had been like, but I do remember that you worked hard on campus and always with a smile on your face!

  4. Dear Fern –
    I am in a group called Lone Tree Readers out of Central City, NE. We meet on the first Monday at the Central City Public Library. This month we are meeting on January 9. Since Nebraska is celebrating the sesquicentennial in 2017, we decided join in the excitement and read Nebraska authors. Your book was picked for our first book of the year. I get the honor of leading the discussion. Do you have any suggestions as to what questions I should ask to trigger discussion or any comments you’d like me to mention to the group?

    Your book is very powerful and it opened my eyes in many ways. I have heard countless stories of abuse but, you presented it in a very personal way that made it hit home. It also made me appreciate Nebraska Christian in a whole new way. You’re a beautiful writer. I wish you continued success. Happy New Year!

  5. Dear Fern,
    My husband, Dean Beck, and I, Deb, live in Clarks. Dean grew up in Clarks and graduated from Clarks in 1966 and we married in 1973. I grew up in Central City. I was at the cemetery in Clarks during the holidays this year to visit mine and Dean’s parents’ graves. I saw that grain bin across the road from the cemetery that you have in your book “Blemished Heart”. Saw the windmill and could visualize you and your brother pulling out the moss from the cow tank and throwing it at cars on Highway 30. Your book was truly a product of extreme courage on your part. Thank you for telling your story. I see your brother and his wife in Clarks every now and then. Dean knew your family. Can I ask if you were ever able to forgive your dad and brother? It’s a personal question and you don’t have to answer that. My Aunt Marie Zoucha was probably, one of your teachers in Clarks, and she was one of the first to forgive those that took so many lives when the twin towers came down in New York. She explained that Jesus would have done that. Foregiveness sometimes is so hard to do. Thank you again. I will have to get a hold of some of your children’s stories for my grand babies. God Bless you and your family,
    Respectfully sent, Deborah K. Beck

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