A Visit to the Throne Room

You are about to go on a short visit to the throne room. Take your cup with you on your journey, the one which holds all your pain, sorrow and tears.

As you walk along, notice how you’re feeling inside. “I wonder why He wants me to bring my cup along today. I’m ashamed to show it to Him. It’s chipped, cracked, and quite grungy. It’s full of my bitter tears. Oh, well, He said to bring it, so I will.”

Up until now, you probably haven’t even noticed where you’re walking. Feel the smooth, warm surface of the golden street on your bare feet. Look up and see the huge patches of colorful wild flowers on either side. Listen to the songbirds as they fill the air with their cheerful singing. Up ahead is the King’s palace. It’s so beautiful! Quicken you pace. Run if you like. Let the thought of seeing Him fill you with hope.

“I wonder how close I can get to Him. I wonder what He’ll say when He sees this awful cup. Maybe He’ll answer my questions about why all this happened to me.”

When you finally arrive at the gate of the palace, your heart sinks. There in front of you are two large guards with double-edged swords. They sternly ask, “What business do you have coming here?”

You back up a step or two and try to say as bravely as you can, “I-I’m a child of the King. I belong to Him. He said I could come and see Him whenever I wanted to.”

Your heart is pounding like crazy while you wait for their response. They look at each other for a moment, lower their swords, and to your surprise, they open the immense jewel-studded gates and let you pass through without a word.

With a sigh of relief in your heart, you run on even faster down the hall to the throne room. Your feet barely touch the cool cobblestone floor. As you round the last corner, you stop short at the entrance to the biggest, brightest, most awesome room you’ve ever seen. You pull back around the corner for a moment to catch your breath and to see if you can get your heart to stop pounding. Your heart almost drowns out the sound of the chorus of angels singing softly inside the throne room.

Now that you’re this close to the King, you begin to doubt. “Oh, boy, why did I try to come here? Why should He care about me? I must have been dreaming to think I could come this close to Him. Besides, look at me. I’m all dirty. I should have cleaned myself up before coming. And this cup! Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it. Oh, well, I’ve come this far. I might as well try it. I made it past the guards, didn’t I?”

This time as you look into the big, bright throne room, Jesus sees you and smiles. He motions you to come over to Him. The angels stop singing and file out of the room so you can be alone with Him. Your heart starts racing again as you cautiously cross the room and approach the throne where He is sitting.

It’s OK. You can go as close to Him as you wish. He doesn’t mind. Just walk up and stand in front of Him. See it’s not as scary as you thought. He won’t hurt you. He loves you! Look into His eyes. See He’s smiling again. If you feel brave enough, let him lift you up and set you on his lap. Feel the soft white linen sleeve on his robe. Lay your head against his chest and see if you can her his heartbeat. Thump, thump, thump! See how warm and safe it is to be near him!

“I’m so glad you came, my child. Is something troubling you right now? What are you worrying about? Please tell me. I’m here to listen.”

(Tell Him why you came. You can either say it aloud or silently.)

“Thank you, my dear child, for telling me what’s on your heart. I understand. I love you so much. I care immensely about you. You’re my child. You belong to me. I have a purpose for what’s going on in your life right now. You may not see it, but trust me. I know what’s best for you. It’s OK to be angry when you don’t understand. I’ll still love you.”

“I see you’ve brought your cup of tears. Hold it out for me to see. I saw every one of those tears fall. I know exactly what made you shed them. Do you mind if I take that dirty, cracked cup of tears? Thanks! Here, I’ll give you another. There will no doubt be more tears. That’s OK. I’ll always be near to comfort you.”

“Before you leave, I want you to look at my hands. See these scars? Go ahead. You can touch them, because they don’t hurt anymore. Do you know why I let them do that to me? I did it for you, because I love you so much. Whenever I see my scars, I remember you are mine. You belong to me forever, my precious child. I’m so glad you came to talk to me today. You will come again soon, won’t you?”

Just before you leave, you suddenly notice that your clothes aren’t dirty anymore. They’re spotless! Your hands feel so clean!

“How did you do that? I thought if I touched you I would get you dirty, but instead, you made me clean! Oh, I’m so glad I came!”

(If you want to say “thank you” to Him, do that quietly in any way you like.)

Now you can wave good-bye and start back for home. You probably feel so light your feet barely touch the cobblestones as you race down the hall. You reach the palace door at such speed that, as you fly through them, you knock the guards over. They just smile. They’re used to seeing people come back from the throne room like this.

As you skip down the golden street, it looks even shinier than before. The flowers are ever so much more gorgeous. The birds have never sung so beautifully. As you skip along the road, you sing:

He touched me. Oh, He touched me.
And, oh, the joy that floods my soul;
Something happened, and now I know,
He touched me and made me whole.

Go in peace!

You can go again anytime you want to. He’ll be there waiting for you!

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