How the Spirit Cleaned My Heart House

One day I looked around my house,

The one that’s in my heart,

When I saw what a mess it was

Spring cleaning I did start!

I knew the task was far too great

For just myself to do,

So I invited the Holy Spirit in

To make it clean as new.

It was hard to know just where to start,

But he just grabbed the broom

And swept away the awful fears

That filled one entire room.

He had to break the lock on the door

To get to my resentment and hate.

I had my reasons for saving them all

To be used at a later date.

I thought he’s miss the back hall closet

Where broken friendships had lain,

But he brought them all out one by one

And mended them again.

Another room was piled with guilt

That collected over the years.

The relief of having that cleaned up

Was worth a lot of cheers.

When he’d cleaned the last room out,

It really looked quite bare.

He offered then to fill my house

With things he had to spare.

He painted the house inside with love

And filled each room with joy.

He found a place to put his peace

That nothing could destroy.

He oiled each hinge with drops of patience,

So they no longer squeaked.

His kindness and goodness filled the shelves

Where once resentment reeked.

His faithfulness was hung with care;

In every room was some.

His gentleness was here and there

To show to those who’d come.

Last of all he stocked the house

With lots of self-control.

I guess he knew I’d need so much

To manage my new soul.

He’s teaching me to keep my heart

As clean as it should be

I never want another mess

Like that inside of me!

©Fern Boldt 6/15/1989

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