His Hands

“Dear Jesus, You know I love You,”

I said to Him one night,

As He put His arms around me

And held me very tight.

Then as I stood there near Him,

He showed His hands to me.

It was then I began to realize

What it cost to set me free.

I told Him I was sorry

I had caused Him so much pain.

And though my sins were many

His death removed the stain.

I thanked Him for forgiveness

As I wept upon His chest.

Just knowing how much He loved me

Has put my heart at rest.

So now we walk together,

His scarred hand holding mine.

We’re on a lifelong journey

Helping others forgiveness to find.

My friend, he stands here waiting.

He really loves you, too.

Come, see His nail-scarred hands.

He did it all for you.

By Fern Boldt – Aug. 25, 1987

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