The Palmetto Bug

I was cleaning up the kitchen when I saw an ugly sight.

A huge Palmetto bug ran by and gave me quite a fright.

He must have been two inches long, antenna wiggling on his head

But he was just too fast for me, and immediately he fled.

When I went to bed that night I feared he’d find my room

So, for my own protection, I took along the broom.

I couldn’t sleep a wink for hours and often tossed and turned,

‘Til finally I got up to check. I really was concerned.

I crept into the kitchen in the middle of the night.

I saw that stupid bug again and screamed with all my might.

I grabbed the broom and smashed his big ol’ head.

I then went back to sleep, thinking he was dead.

When morning came, I picked him up with just a paper towel.

But then he moved, as if alive, and I let out a yowl.

I whacked him many times again until he pulverized.

That’s one old bug who ne’r again will come to terrorize.

I hope he didn’t leave behind some kids or a dear wife,

Cause Dad’s not coming home tonight. It’s the end of his life.

©Fern Boldt Sept. 10, 2006

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