Oma’s Patience Jars

Oma's patience jars2

When my four sons were young, I invented a new method of discipline. I filled four “patience jars” with a different color of water for each boy. When they tried my patience, disobeyed, or hurt someone, I dumped out a bit of their water. When the jar became empty, they knew what would happen. It worked wonders! I even let them fill it back up for helping with chores or being kind to a brother. Theoretically, it could have remained full most of the time.

I decided to try it out with the grandchildren when they come each summer for “Oma’s Camp.” The threat of being sent home when their jar was empty was enough to keep them on their best behavior. It works wonders. You should try it with the little people in your care.

Oma's %22patience jars%22

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