Happy Face Pajamas


Back: Caitlin, Oma holding Vincent, Amanda. Front: Melanie, Alyssa, Ashley, Nick. (Christmas 2001)

Hey, kids! Here are your new pajamas I sewed for you. These are no ordinary pj’s. Every seam was tucked full of love before Oma stitched them together.

If you can’t sleep at night, try counting how many happy faces are on your pj’s. (That might be difficult, if the light is already out.) If that doesn’t work, touch any two yellow happy faces at the same time and count to 1,000. That should do it for sure. As soon as you go to sleep, all the happy faces do, too. I hope you don’t snore and wake them up.

If you get scared during the night, there’s a special “Happy Face Button” on the front of your pj top. Touch the button and say, “Daddy loves me, Mommy loves me, Opa loves me, Oma loves me, and God loves me. They won’t let anyone hurt me, so I don’t need to be afraid.” Then you can go back to sleep. Besides, monsters are afraid of children wearing happy face pajamas.

If you are sad, press the “Happy Face Button” three times. Then all the happy faces will tickle you at the same time to make you happy again. (It helps if Dad or Mom are close by to show you how they do that.) You probably won’t need to do this very often, because it’s almost impossible to be sad when you’re wearing pj’s with so many happy faces on them.

If you are eating breakfast with your pj’s on and happen to spill some jam on them, don’t worry. Those little happy faces will lick it up and smile even bigger smiles! If they beg for more, don’t give them any, or you might get in trouble with your Mom and Dad. To get them clean again, follow the washing instructions.

When your pj’s get dirty, have Mom wash them in warm water and some soap. Don’t worry about the happy faces. They all know how to swim. Besides, you will notice that none of them have noses. So all they have to do is close their mouths and scrunch their eyes shut so they don’t get soap in them. When they’re clean and dry, you can wear them again. Ah! Warm from the dryer!

Warranty: These pajamas are guaranteed not to rip or come apart at the seams for one full year. If that does happen, you get a free sleepover at Opa and Oma’s house so Oma can repair them.

(I made an extra set of pj’s for Owen, who arrived three years later. I addressed them to “Justin Case.”)

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